Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Week in Work Outs {Day 2-3}

Day Two
Wopwop. Day two sucked. Josh got the stomach bug we have been passing around, and therefore I was out one sitter therefore making it impossible for me to go to the gym. I had some home workouts planned, but I was exhausted from being up the night before and decided to just take a rest day. But, important workout lesson learned: life happens. There is no need to stop working out or feel down about yourself if your workout schedule doesn't go as planned. This is a lifestyle change, therefore, there will be ups and downs. Work out again another day.

Day Three

So I'm late in posting it, but yesterday I did make it to the gym. I didn't want to. I wanted to sit at home and do nothing. But I got my lazy flabby butt up, and I worked it! I felt so sore and dead and tired good when I was done too, meaning it was all worth it.

I did this baby again. The dreaded treadmill. But instead of doing the stairmaster for fifteen minutes first, I inclined this treadmill to its max (15%?) and walked uphill for ten minutes. Then I began my run again. This time I ran 6.5 for the first half mile, alternated between 7.0-7.5 for about a mile plus a quarter, and sprinted the last quarter mile at 8.0. This stank. It was hard, and I admit I stopped for one second. But when I was done I felt so victorious. I am going to try the same thing later today. I just keep thinking that I am coming to the gym to kill myself with my workout, and that mindset usually helps me get through it.

Then I did the torso rotation again. 25 on each side at 60 pounds. This hurt, but in a good way. I can definitely feel this one in my abs today.

 I also did another machine I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of because the gym was super packed and they only had one. This is a picture of the version at Planet Fitness, but this is essentially the same thing. It is this really strange thing to help assist sit ups. You sit on it with your knees above the left cushions and your feet under the right ones. Then it allows you to have more range when you do your sit ups. I also add a medicine ball so I am also working out my arms. I did 75 of these with the medicine ball, and 25 without.

I ended my workout with this machine, which you sit on, grasp the handles, and use your abs to lean forward. I did 50 of these, but I don't remember the weight.

Have you been getting your work out on with me? It is super hard, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end!

*Disclaimer: I am in no way a doctor/physical therapist/workout expert. I am simply sharing my work out experiences. Consult with a doctor before beginning any work out routine and know that what works for me may not work for you.

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