Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day One: Abs and Diet

Okay, so like I said earlier, I am on a low-calorie diet and a workout routine. Here is my progress today:

I bombed the calorie nonsense. Like completely. I ended up just sitting around all day thinking about the next time I got to eat which was making me starving, so I made the hubz go get me a chocolate chip frappe from McDonalds (my weakness!) which is like 700 and something calories. So after working out, I still ended up being 108 calories over my 1260 limit. Whoops! I hope day two will be a little easier!

I did stick to my exercise routine though! So that is good. I ran on the elliptical for a mile and a half and then on the treadmill for a mile, which was a total of 2.5 miles. That's .5 miles over what I usually run but .5 miles under my ideal day. So all in all I say that was a good day.

I also played around in the ab area for a while. (Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos!)

 Sets: 5 Reps per Set: 5
 The first one I played around on was this monster. You put your back against the main black pad, put the bottoms of your upper arms on the two side mats and grab the handles. At that point you pull your legs up to your chest using your lower abs.

I specifically had a hard time with this one because I haven't really used my lower abs since I pushed Emma into the world. But the burn felt good.

Sets: 3 Reps per Set: 10
This is just a machine that helps you do better more productive sit-ups. You put your knees over the first round pads, your feet under the second round pads, and you lean all the way back in your sit-ups. These were particularly hard because I just worked my lower abs on the machine before. I think I'm going to start here next time. I only did 30 when I planned on doing 50. :(

 Sets: 2 Reps per Set: 25
This machine allows you to add weight to work out your upper abs. I LOVED this machine. The burn felt really good instead of painful and I felt like I was really getting some results from my effort. You simply sit down in the chair, put your arms on the pads, grab the handles and pull them down until your abs are crunched.

 Sets: 2 (One per side) Reps per Set: 25 
This machine was certainly a strange one! You sit on it with your knees bent, put your shoulders against the top pads, and basically twist, go back and repeat on both sides. I wasn't too big of a fan of this machine because I didn't feel like I was targeting the area strongly enough. However, I plan on trying again later.

All in all it was a good day, I can't wait to see how Day Two: Legs goes!

I just want to say I am in no way trained in any physical therapy, using exercise machines or weight loss, this is my own experience with trying them out for the first time and following the instructions on the machines themselves.

Also, I plan on going into more detail on the machines and how to use them at a later date, this is just my first experiences with them.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weight Loss Goals and Plans

So, in case you did not know, six months ago, I had a baby. SURPRISE!

Also, in case you did not know, having a baby really effs up your physique. SURPRISE AGAIN!

I am someone who has always been incredibly physically conscious. I am not saying I was ever in the greatest of shape or looked amazing, but I always tried to be as healthy looking as possible.

It has never been easy for me. I do not have a high metabolism and I am not one of those awful girls (am I green yet?) who can eat whatever they want whenever they want and wear a size two jeans. If I eat gross food, or even if I eat a lot of healthy food, I have to exercise to keep my weight down.

So it was incredibly hard for me when I had a baby. I was always wanting to eat something, and not allowed to work out. I definitely packed on the pounds and stretched out the skin. Yuck. Now that I've finally got Emma into a normal bed time routine and purchased a monthly gym membership, I plan on trying to get back into a skin I will feel confident in.

Now let me say this, and STRESS this. I do not think a woman has to be skinny to be beautiful. Not in the least. I know several women who are overweight (to an extent that isn't hazardous to their health) and I think they are gorgeous because they own their weight and are not ashamed of it. They are confident and happy, and I think that is what makes them beautiful. Unfortunately, I am not confident unless I am in a certain shape.

So, I am going on a diet and starting a fitness plan. And I thought I'd share it with you so maybe you can give me some pointers or I can help you figure things out.

Okay, so this sucks. I hate dieting and I usually fail at them. Miserably. I am firm proof of the theory that if you try to deny yourself something for so long (like chocolate) you will just end up eating more of it (like cookies.) However, I am going to try.

I am not doing anything unhealthy. I am not doing any crash dieting. I am simply counting calories for the next month or so if I can last that long. There is a great website (and if you live in this century and have a smart phone unlike me, you can even download an awesome app) called My Fitness Pal. You put in all your info and goals, and it helps you keep track of your calories and exercises so you can lose weight with a little less effort.

Like I said, I have a gym membership. I plan on running 2-3 miles at least 5 times a week and every night I go I'd like to work on another part of my body. For example, tonight I plan on doing only ab machines on top of running. Tomorrow I plan on doing legs, and the next day arms. That way I don't peak.

Right now I weigh 140 lbs, and my goal is to get to 125. Lets see if we can do it together! :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It.

This is going to sort of be a diary post, if you don't like it don't read it.

Sometimes, being 21-years-old, married and having a six-month old child, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Even though I love my life, and never ever ever wish that it was any different, every once in a while I take a glance at what I think I would be doing if I hadn't been married or had a child. Usually this makes me feel really guilty, like I'm a bad mom or wife for even thinking about another life even though if it didn't happen this way now I would be wishing for it until it did happen, but today it made me feel really grateful.

I would definitely have more money. I would have more things, nicer clothes, nicer filming equipment. I'd have a nicer figure (because you may not know this, but having a baby does not give you a Victoria Secret body) and a lot more time to focus on me. My legs would be shaved and my eyebrows would be tweezed. I would probably spend a lot of time on the couch watching YouTube videos and reading books. Possibly a lot of time at the mall as well buying all those nice clothes and stuff I was mentioning earlier.

I'm sick right now, and I would be able to call off work and rest until I felt better.

But what does any of that really matter? Before I had a baby I never got the overwhelming joy I feel when I can work a smile out of my grumpy little girl. There is no way to describe watching her do something for the first time or taste a new food. Mornings that would have been spent sleeping in or drinking coffee at the table browsing through pinterest are now spent tossing a 15 pound hunk of cuteness into the air and pretending the passy is a snooze button to get her to go back to sleep for just five more minutes. If you think shopping for yourself is fun, wait until you get to pick out baby clothes and toys.

There is no bigger sense of accomplishment then getting to sit down in a clean house (although this happens rarely. Somehow, my five room apartment is a dumping ground of miscellaneous objects.) I really wouldn't trade my life for the world. And even though its nice to think about how much easier my life would be if it were different, it could in no way be better. After all, feeling hungover sucks.