Monday, October 28, 2013

Where I've Been

      I can't believe it. I turned around and summer was over, school was starting for me, and suddenly I didn't have a moment to spare. Not to read, not to blog or do Chapter Chicks things, only to take care of my baby girl (who is rapidly becoming less and less of a baby) and do the mountains of homework I have daily.

    Not that I'm complaining, but having a kid and trying to be in school is almost impossible. You can just kiss having a social life in the tuckas. Kiss having time to yourself goodbye and kiss having hubby time WAY goodbye (since mine is in school now too). When Emma was first born it was a breeze because she slept so much and even when she was awake she didn't move, but now if she isn't in the mood to play by herself or napping I can barely have time to open my chemistry book, let alone solve quantum mechanic problems.

    That being said we did force ourselves have time to go on vacation to Gatlingburg, TN with the great-grandparents, an opportunity we couldn't pass up. I will do a whole post on that since it was Emma's first vacation but here are two of the Old Tyme photos we got taken.

     Come on, aren't those about the cutest things you've ever  seen? We had such a good time eating delicious food and showing Emma all of the amazing things. So as a parent, our vacation was a huge success, but as a vacation it was not restful at all. I stayed up late after Emma went to bed every night to do vacation-y things like read and watch movies with Joshua, but still had to get up, no sleeping in for this mama! But I'm so grateful we were able to go.

     We also made a trip with my mom, dad and nephew to the zoo before summer ended. This little girl loves her animals.

     Not much has changed on the house, but we have started getting the ball rolling again. We just bought the wood floor for the living room, kitchen, hallway and laundry room. And we are trying to wrap up all the drywall mudding but it is taking forever especially since it is getting so cold.

     Emma is super healthy and apart from being busy we're all doing good. I promise to write more, even this little update is such a stress reliever. How has your fall been so far?