Saturday, September 29, 2012

Emma has two moms.

Seriously, how cute is this? This is our dog Juno, she is about three or four years old and even though she is so annoying sometimes, she is an angel. She is so smart, even though she has absolutely no common sense.

 If you're wondering what this has to do with Emma? That door is the entrance to Emma's room, and is about four feet away from the crib. I am trying to start getting Emma used to her crib for when we make the transition, so she has been napping in there. But I'm really nervous about it, because not once but twice now, Emma has choked on her spit up and if we weren't right there to get her she would have seriously choked.

And Juno is laying out there just staring at the crib, making sure she's okay. Our little family isn't a family of three, it's a family of four. One of us is just a little furrier.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Doctors and Love Affairs

Okay, so is she cute or what? We went to the doctor today (at 7am mind you, which is not fun for any mother!) and everything is going perfectly! I was a little concerned about a few things but the doctor made me feel tons better!

She's been spitting up a lot more than usual lately, which the doctor said could be related to one of my other worries: teething. That's right, my four-month-old booger has already started teething! I was wondering whether she really was or not since she hasn't had any cut yet, or really any swelling of the gums or anything, but the doctor said he thought she was as well from what I was describing. So mleh to all the people who made fun of me when I suggested it!

We were also worried because she isn't rolling over. She hates being on her stomach, so I don't know why we could expect her to try and roll over to it! But he said since she is rolling to her side at least, all the muscles are there. He also said she was doing better than expected at sitting and standing, so she may sit before she rolls!

The only bad thing was we got two shots today, she did amazing though, hardly cried at all. And I didn't cry at all this time! Last time I bawled for like ten minutes! Guess I'm getting tougher! Parenting will do that for sure.

So we celebrated by trying a new food: carrots! She absolutely had a love affair with it. We've tried apples and pears so far, and since those are so sweet and delicious I figured she'd hate the veggies. But she seemed to like them more than she liked pears.

We're spending the rest of this rainy day snuggling, doing homework and watching goosebumps. I'm a proud momma and a happy girl!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flea Market Finds (1)

So I spent the weekend mostly shopping with my family. First we went to the mall and got Emma all set up for autumn clothes-wise. Which was amazing, because she was finally starting to grow out of all her stuff (We haven't had to buy anything except for extra stuff we just wanted yet! We had so much left over from the baby shower!) But finally, we got to go get her a little wardrobe of our choosing.

Then yesterday we went to a flea market about an hour from my moms house. I spent about 40 dollars and got some really cute things.

First, I got this slate sign that says, "Together is where our story begins." So cute, right? I've only been moved out for less than a year, so I'm trying really hard to build a strong collection of decorations. I couldn't refuse this awesome piece.

The next thing that I got was an adorable chalk board for the kitchen. They had so many cute ones that needed to stand up, and unfortunately I have the smallest kitchen in the world (you'll hear me complain about this on several occasions) and have literally no room to put anything else. So I had to buy one that I could hang on the wall. And again, they had a gorgeous one I really wanted, but it was $50.00 and I wasn't willing to go that expensive. So I got this really cute one that was originally priced at $17.95 but I paid $16.00 including tax. It says, "Home of the Brave" on it, but I think I may paint over it. Not that I'm not patriotic, but I'm planning on writing dinner stuff on it, so I may paint something related on it. This was made out of an old cabinet door. Nifty, no?

I also got this awesome recipe box. I have been struggling to figure out a way to keep my recipes organized, and I saw this and knew I had to have it. I didn't buy it at first, but went back and got it at the end of they day because I couldn't get my mind off of it. I only paid ten dollars and they were asking $13.00.

All in all, I'm going to say I had a very productive weekend for my little family! How was yours?

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Beginning.

The beginning can be considered the brightest part of any experience.

Everything is fresh, happy, exciting and new. Through many experiences, things begin to get old, you develop a routine and either get comfortable, or bored and soon the end draws near.I don’t plan on letting this happen with blogging.

I have been blogging about books for two years on a site called Chapter Chicks with my sister. If I can have as much fun as I’ve had talking about other people’s work for two years, I can’t imagine how much fun I’ll have talking about my own life and sharing my own work.

Forget about beginnings. I’m in it for the journey.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

D.I.Y. Mod Podge

Okay, so pretty much everyone has seen the recipe for do it yourself mod podge. I just thought it would be a good idea to record my experience in making it. Mod podge company must be wanting to kill someone because people learned they didn't need to spent 20 bucks on glue. In fact, I bought two things of Elmer's glue for $1 at Wal-mart since it is getting close to back to school time.

What you'll need: 
Elmer's Glue
Container for mod podge

Yep, that's it!

For my container I plan on using an empty pickle jar. I don't really know how well it will hold up, but it seemed like a good use for it.

So all you do is fill your bottle up halfway with glue. Then halfway with water.

Shake, stir, do what you have to to mix it.
And there you go! Mod podge everything! I even mod podged some fabric onto the jar and put some vinyl letters on it for a label. So you know it works great! I can't wait to get started on some awesome projects. Feel free to post links to your mod podge projects down below!

Snot Removers and Muffins

My little girl is sick today. This is her first cold where it has actually effected her. So needless to say she is going to be super spoiled with cuddles. Josh actually came in and woke me up (Sunday is my day to sleep in) saying that she was having trouble breathing. I was incredibly scared. After some serious booger sucking on my part she was okay, but I haven't taken my eyes off of her. He said she was laying on her play mat, and he noticed she was moving funny and her face was red, and when he picked her up she started coughing like she couldn't breathe. I'm hoping she was okay the whole time and he just moved around some fluids when he picked her up making her cough, instead of her just choking without making a noise.

So she is sitting next to me, looking hilarious while she sleeps.

Also, I am on this awful diet. It starts off with a ten day cleanse where I can only eat chicken, tuna, all fruits and vegetables, rice and water. Which I mean, isn't too hard, but it sure is awful. I am losing a ton, but I really want a muffin. And since I'm actually losing weight, I've stopped working out to lose weight, which is kind of counterproductive.

I really want to eat something that tastes delicious. But oddly enough, all the fast food and fried food I usually am craving is starting to sound pretty gross now that I've been eating incredibly healthy the past few days. Brownies and muffins still sound pretty good though, I'd kill for a blueberry muffin and hot chocolate from starbucks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Everything has a purpose.

So, I have always wanted to start a personal blog. I have started countless blogs, only one of which I have continued doing for multiple years, but I wanted one that was about me. I need a way to creatively express myself, and not just focus on books. I am someone who has at least 1,000 interests, so it would be impossible for me to focus on only a few for my blog.

Now, I confess, the reason I am actually deciding to sit down and start this is because of my English class at my local community college. We are required to share our essays on a blog, and we have to start one for the class. I am much too excited to wait until Monday, and I want the blog to be more than just a place to share essays, I want to be able to share all the things I want to share. So I am starting this blog early, so I can give it my own personal flair, and perhaps utilize it over the weekend.

I plan on posting all kinds of things on this blog: the required essays, a journal of sorts, my new diet experiences and logs, organizing projects, pictures of my family, and some writing I feel like sharing. Don't like it? Don't follow. Interested? Please, stick around.