Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Craft Haul (April)

So I went to the heavens of crafting world today, Hobby Lobby. I've just been in a really creative mood and have been dying to do some serious crafting. But since I have been focusing in so much else lately my craft supplies have diminished. Leaving me with nothing to just pick up and create with.

So I got a couple of things I've really been wanting to do, and with my coupon, it was all just fifteen bucks.

The first thing I got, which I just thought of making when I saw this super cheap yellow leather rope was making my own wrap bracelet. I have been wanting one forever, but they charge you like fifteen dollars for one, pretty much where ever I look, because they are so popular. So I spent $1.99 on my charm (the peace sign), $2.47 on the yellow leather that will actually make the bracelet, and $1.47 for two clasps, so I can make something else later too.

The next thing I got I was really excited for. When Stacy and I were at our local bookstore we saw these totally awesome tote bags that had book related things on them. Problem was, they were $30.00. I almost got one anyways, because I really loved them. But I decided to hold off and I am glad I did. I got a tote bag double the size with two front pockets for $4.99. I bought paint for about $1.50 each so I can paint the quotes on myself and spent 1/3 of the cost.

The last thing I got I was also super excited to find (maybe its just crafts that make me excited?)  This twine cost $3.50 for 400 yards. While it is kind of thin and will take a lot for the craft I want to do, it was such a cheap price that I couldn't pass it up. When I looked at Wal-mart for twine I was turned off from the craft immediately because the twine there was so expensive, and I was super bummed out because I love the country look that is so trendy for houses right now.

So what have you guys been spending your crafting energy and money on lately? Send me a picture on twitter, instagram or tell me about it below!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Leaky Cauldron (2) - A Home Update

So unfortunately, not a lot has been finished over at the Leaky Cauldron. The family friend we had completing a lot of the projects ended up being a little too sneaky for us, so we have hired someone new who we are hoping is up to completing the task.

We had a super frustrating yet fulfilling day today in LC world.

First the hubs and I went to our local IKEA to price cabinets. Boy, was that a headache. I finally understand why everyone says its a great store but you have to put everything together. Having only bought furniture before, I'm like uh duh. But now that I've tried to buy something real there, I understand how hard it is to remodel there. You have to pick out handles and cabinet fronts, the bases and counter tops, how many drawers and a lot more. And none of it is in an area all together.

After that nightmare we went to Lowes to check out floors.

We ended up picking out the floor for the kitchen and hallway. It's the same color we are planning on getting the countertop with.

This is the look I am going for.

So this is the floor we picked out.

I love it! I can't wait for everything to finally get started and I can start seeing everything coming together. As of right now its a mess and its looking like we may have to extend our lease for a month or move in with the fam until its completed. Something Emma would love, but would really mess up our schedules.

Ill keep you updated! ❤

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Beginner's Attempt at Couponing: Week One

So we have all seen or heard about these crazy women who save oodles of noodles on their grocery bill just by using an insane amount of coupons. After we all heard about this hype, we realized they were buying the apocalypse's worth of deodorant and toothpaste. Which, lets face it, we need it but we don't need 54 containers from one trip. But there are also people who coupon and actually buy real stuff, and while they're not saving 99% of their bill, a dollar saved is a dollar saved.

So I want to figure out this couponing process and I am taking you guys along with me.

The first thing I did was buy the Sunday paper. I only bought one, because I didn't really know if I would actually be sticking to everything or if I'd take a glance at all the work ahead of me and give up. Plus, I still really don't get the whole process, so I figured this would be he easiest way to learn.

Then I got my coupon binder ready. This is apparently the biggest and funniest step in couponing. I didn't go all out yet though. I used a binder I already had and I happen to have two baseball card sleeves already. So rather then buying a bunch of stuff, I made due with what I already had so far. If I keep it up, ill definitely buy more and get a lot more specific with my categories.

As of right now I have each slot holding a certain category, although I put two for pantry thinking I would need it more. I didn't. But here are my categories (so far):

Pantry (2)
Body Care
First Aid
Oral Care
Air Fresheners

Anything that fits under that category gets stuffed into the slot.

I have heard that when you first start clipping coupons you should cut every single one even if you know you'll never use it. That's great and all, but I don't have time to cut coupons for adult diapers (this was a coupon this week, no joke) so I just cut the ones I may have even the slightest interest in. Some I may never use, but who knows. I ended up with a pretty good little haul for only a two dollar paper.

I only go grocery shopping twice a month, so ill just be grabbing another paper this Sunday since I already have all my groceries until next Friday.

I've heard the best way to coupon is to wait until something is on sale, but I cannot wait to start pulling out some of my coupons and saving some money! Send me a picture of what your coupon system looks like or if you try mine!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Better Homes and Gardens Inspirations - April

So I recently perused the April edition of Better Homes and Gardens. I wanted to show you guys what I found to be totally interesting.

So the first picture is of all the house pictures and information I found helpful. I especially love the mention about putting flowers on your front porch. So many people neglect the front porch, and it just ain't right!

I also really love the colors of the kitchen and bathroom. It's classy with a touch of pizazz, and that is really the style I want to go for. Also, the curtain to hide the washer/dryer? Genius! I totally plan to go Pinterest and put a board above my washer and dryer for folding, and now I can hide it, since my laundry room is also the back entryway and also the one we will most frequently use.

The second picture is a bunch of recipes. There were a zillion this issue, but these look really easy, really healthy and most importantly, really yummy!

Also, there is a lost of everything you need to make a raised vegetable bed. Something I found super useful because that's the only type of garden I plan on having. I hate bugs and unfortunately, bugs love gardens. I was helping my mom pull weeds one time, grabbed one with a spider on it (EEK!) and have been traumatized ever since.

What was your favorite part about this month's issue of BHG?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Girls Day

So Stacy, Emma and I went on a girls day. Not the fun pedicure one though, but we ended up getting a lot done. The first thing we did was go pick out the flooring for the bathroom. Super exciting, right? Well to me, it was.

And then we went out to eat, which was also fun, because Emma had a blast eating French fries and charming everyone in the restaurant.no lie, she had the waiters and the two people around us waving the whole time.

Then we went for a trip to Best Buy and Stacy finally got herself a cell phone. Bout time, right?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Welcome Internets, to the Leaky Cauldron

So, as you may or may not know, I am moving into my Grandmother's old house. My aunt was recently living in there, but she has moved closer to her son in a different town so she could be closer to her grand kids. So our little family is moving in, and we couldn't be more excited to get out of the apartment.

But the place was really outdated, and needed a lot of work. So we gutted it so we could start new. Nd I mean, really gutted it. Tore up the floors, the cabinets, the plumbing, and more recenty the walls. I wanted to kind of show you guys some sneak peaks as we are updating. 

So that is a picture of the gutted kitchen, pretty terrible right? When I said gutted, I meant it. But pretty soon I'm going to have it looking great.

Here is a picture of my mom knocking out some paneling, which was super fun to do. Although, Stacy stepped on two nails and would have had to get a shot if she hasn't just had one for nursing classes! Phew!

And here is the outside of the house. We have a lot of work to do, inside and out, but pretty soon it will be home.

We will definitely be keeping you updated with pictures and vlogs!