Sunday, May 18, 2014

Agency D3 | VBS 2014 Spy Camera Decoration DIY

So this year is the first year I am seriously volunteering at my church's vacation bible school. Last year I helped out in the nursery a few days, but this year I have volunteered to be an assistant in the 4-5 year old room. I couldn't teach because I wasn't a member (until next Sunday when I'll be BAPTIZED!) plus I consider myself a very new student so I just thought it would be fun to assist in a classroom.

But this year's theme is Agency D3, where we are secret agents discovering the secret messages of the bible. I love it. Its such a fun idea and a way to get kids interested in coming. What kid didn't play spy or detective when they were little?

So I am going to be doing a whole lot of homemade crafts for the classroom. Unfortunately, our budget isn't huge (a whopping $15 per classroom) which means in order for it to be a lot of fun and look really cool, it isn't just time I'll be donating. But, I don't have to break my bank because there are a lot of things that can be done with what I have around the house and dollar store items!

My first project is: a Spy Camera! 

This will be great because it looks like a surveillance camera hanging in the room and if there are a couple it can be a really cheap project that adds a little touch.

I started off with simple objects I had around the house, mostly boxes. I actually didn't have to purchase anything to do this.

The first thing was a garbage bag box. Just a simple Kroger box. But any box the size of a surveillance camera will do. I also got a toilet paper roll which makes the lens.

So, all I did at this point was cut the toilet paper roll in half and tape it onto the smallest side of the garbage bag box. I used transparent packing tape because that was the strongest stuff I had around and I am too impatient to wait for glue to dry. 

If you want to be done and skip the next steps that is a-okay. If you want to add more and can come up with even cooler designs I am jealous, but again that is the fun of this craft. You can use whatever you have laying around to make your camera look even more high-tech. I had a limited amount of time to hunt around for extra supplies (Emma's naptime was nearing an end) so I just grabbed one of the first tiny boxes I saw. Which happened to be a box of birthday candles leftover from the kids.

I taped it on the top so it looks like an extra little gadget attached to the camera. I also made it so the tape stuck out and didn't adhere to the side of the candle box. I thought it would look like a strap and I am pretty pleased with the results.

Finally, I just took it outside and gave it a good coat of silver metallic spray paint. I used my favorite Rust-oleum brand. I bought this color and gold metallic, and I know I'm going to use it over and over. It leaves a real metal looking finish!

And wa-lah! Your project is complete and you have a free (if you already have the spray paint) prop for your vacation bible school class or a secret agent themed party!


  1. Really like your idea, I'm all for cheap, fast and easy :)

    1. Thanks! Me too! Unfortunately not a lot of churches have a huge budget for VBS and it is something that reaches so many so its up to the members to make it the best we can!

  2. I am doing crafts this year and need ideas to decorate the lab. I love this and will be using it! Thank you and would love to see more ideas!